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You’e like Paulie Pennino... (42.32)

Freddie: I fucked up.

Bobby: Yeah? Fucked up how?

Freddie: Um I heard your Cross-Co. play on the runway, and I-I-I jumped on it.

Bobby: You rode along on my intel?

Freddie: I piggybacked because I figured you always know.

Bobby: You stole my fucking idea. You're like Paulie Pennino.

Freddie: Who?

Bobby: Paulie, Adrian's brother, putting the Shamrock Meats logo on Rocky's robe. You should've asked, man, like any friend would.

Paul "Paulie" Pennino is a fictional character in the Rocky film series, played by Burt Young, who, along with co-star Burgess Meredith, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the first film

Paulie is Adrian's older brother and Rocky Balboa's best friend/brother-in-law. He is a former United States Navy man and an alcoholic and is not afraid to lose his temper when the opportunity arises. Most of the time he does that out of jealousy towards his friends and family, and he feels like they owe him for their success. Despite this, he cares about his friends and family, and he will stand up for Rocky if someone insults him. Despite being friends with Apollo Creed and Tony "Duke" Evers, Paulie is shown to be racist, as seen in Rocky III when he openly stated that he did not like any of the black boxers in the gym where Creed once trained, though that could just be out of nervousness. He says in Rocky Balboa that "Italian food cooked up by a bunch of Mexicans ain't so special." He's also known for his catchphrase "I don't sweat you" in response to a fight. Paulie, while a loyal friend to Rocky, causes the premature birth of Balboa's son by shouting at his wife during her pregnancy, creates the brawls that draws Rocky into a street fight against Tommy Gunn, and establishes a quasi-marital relationship with Sico - a robot given to Paulie by Rocky as a birthday present in Rocky IV.