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You might even prefer it... (1.09)


Bobby: Thank you, Anthony. It's such a treat watching you work.

Anthony Mangieri: It's good to love what you do. Enjoy, guys.

Bobby: Thank you. Man. So, to our new AG. Long may he rule.

Rebecca: Bravo.

Chuck: Thank you. Uh It's an honor all around Wendy's first night out in a month.

Wendy: Well, the chance at a perfect pizza in total privacy was too much to pass up.

Chuck: Privacy? If the only way I could eat this pizza was naked, in the middle of Times Square, I would.

Wendy: You would. You might even prefer it. The problem is, you'd be sure to undress me, too. Whether I wanted it or not.

Chuck: You're doing this, here?

Wendy: You did it.

This scene features a cameo appearance by Anthony Mangieri and takes place at his restaurant, Una Pizza Napoletana, in downtown New York. Listen to his full story on Brian Koppelman’s podcast The Moment here.