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You didn't come out to Brooklyn for cufflinks... (11.47)

Charles Snr: I was looking for some cufflinks I lent my son, but I couldn't find them in the bedroom.

Wendy: You were in my bedroom?

Charles Snr: And most of Chuck's suits seem to be gone from the closet.

Wendy: You didn't come out to Brooklyn for cufflinks.

Charles Snr: Is Chuck living at the Yale Club? Some gal in accounting messed up, sent me a charge for a breakfast on a day that I was not there. So I asked for the chits, and it was Chuck's signature on the line at 6:30 a.m.

Wendy: Yes, we've separated for now.

The Yale Club of New York City, commonly called The Yale Club, is a private club in Midtown Manhattan, in New York City, New York, United States. Its membership is restricted almost entirely to alumni and faculty of Yale University. With a clubhouse comprising 22 stories The Yale Club has a worldwide membership of over 11,000. Upon opening its doors in 1915, the building became the largest Clubhouse in the world and continues to be the largest college clubhouse in existence today. Website here.