All the references, lovingly collated


Whose house?... (9.31)

Lonnie: Whose house? [laughs] Whose house?

Office guy: Lonnie's house.

Lonnie: All right. Whose house?

Connerty: I'm not fucking saying it.

Lonnie: Aw, you're breaking my heart, but whether you admit it or not, it is, in fact, Lonnie's house.

Connerty: You did not just close another one.

Lonnie: Yeah. Predator this week, Panamanian drug lord last week, but who's keeping score? Uh, by the way, how's that whole Spartan-Ives thing going?

Connerty: Solid.

Lonnie: Great.

Thanks to BJ for giving me this one. This is a nod to Run DMC’s ‘Run’s House’.