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What's up, Chuck?... (28.33)

Whoa, whoa! The most vaunted Donny left in the city.

Donny Deutsch: Very funny, Chuck. Uh, you know Kenny D., right?

Chuck: Oh, yes. Well, anyone who flies knows that Mr.Dichter can change the tenor of your trip in a moment's.

Kenny Dichter: Fleet is always available for you, Chuck.

Chuck: Nice to see you.

Donny Deutsch: What's up, Chuck?

Chuck: Well, I find myself in need of the proverbial lifetime pass to the Polo Grounds. And I'm prepared to give you Cleopatra on a plate for it.

Donald Jay Deutsch (born November 22, 1957) is an American advertising executive and television personality. He was the host of the CNBC talk show The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (2004–2008).

Kenny Dichter is an American entrepreneur who is currently the C.E.O of the private aviation company Wheels Up. Previously, he co-founded Alphabet City Sports Records, Marquis Jet, and  Tequila Avión.

The Polo Grounds was the name of three stadiums in Upper Manhattan, New York City, used mainly for professional baseball and American football from 1880 through 1963. As the name suggests, the original Polo Grounds, opened in 1876 and demolished in 1889, was built for the sport of polo. Bound on the south and north by 110th and 112th Streetsand on the east and west by Fifth and Sixth (Lenox) Avenues, just north of Central Park, it was converted to a baseball stadium when leased by the New York Metropolitans in 1880. The third Polo Grounds, built in 1890 and renovated after a fire in 1911, is the one generally indicated when the Polo Grounds is referenced. It was located in Coogan's Hollowand was noted for its distinctive bathtub shape, very short distances to the left and right field walls, and an unusually deep center field.