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What if we kept things the same?... (27.50)

Mafee: The quants, why? Why now? What if we didn't? What if we kept things the same?

Taylor: Think of the Pulaski Academy Bruins, Mafee. You read me?

Mafee: The high school football team that never punts?

Taylor: Right. They were pretty solid before, so why'd they do that?

Mafee: Because the coach deduced that, statistically, they'd be better off using all four downs on offense and not giving the ball back.

Taylor: Yes. And because the coach wanted championships.

Mafee: So it's about edge.

Taylor: Always.

The Pulaski Academy is a school in Arkansas. The school's football team, which has won seven state championships since 2003, is coached by Kevin Kelley, who has gained notoriety for his strategies, which include the total rejection of punting and returning punts, as well as a reliance on the onside kick.