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Turn on the telestrator... (20.10)


Orrin: The charges carry a long potential sentence. Fifteen to twenty years and tens of millions in fines, of course. They're using the locked-up money to distract us as they meticulously build their case.

Bobby: They are using the locked money to do three things. One, to make me take a plea. Two, to make it hard for my people so they'll quit. And, three, to spread the word through implication that this is about more than my actions against Ice Juice, that we are an illegal enterprise.

Spyros: Turn on the telestrator, because you just diagrammed the shit out of this.

telestrator is a device that allows its operator to draw a freehand sketch over a moving or still video image. Also known as a video marker, this device is often used in sports and weather broadcasts to diagram and analyze sports plays or incoming weather patterns. The user typically draws on a touchscreen with a finger or uses a pen on a graphics tablet. From the touchscreen or the tablet, the drawing signal is communicated to the telestrator, which overlays the video image with the drawing and outputs the combined signal for broadcast or display.

Today, the telestrator is used in a wide variety of applications (from educational, boardroom, church and military presentations to telemedicineconferences), where it can be used by both the near and far ends to annotate precise details of microscopic images or other medical images that are under consultation. The telestrator is also used in courtrooms to communicate details of multi-media images presented to a jury, as was most famously seen during the O.J. Simpson trial in March 1995.