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This isn't France. It's America... (17.12)

No one quits while they're ahead. This isn't France. It's America. We think noblesse oblige is a new entree at Olive Garden.

[Chuck is clearly experiencing some back pain.]

Connerty: You know, there's a book that could help you with that.

Chuck: Sarno? It didn't.

Connerty: You have to actually read it for it to help.

Chuck: Mm-hmm. I'm not supposed to just shove it up my ass?

Olive Garden is an American casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine. It is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., which is headquartered in Orange County, Florida. As of May 28, 2018, Olive Garden operates 892 locations globally and accounts for $3.8 billion of the $6.9 billion revenue of parent Darden.

John Ernest Sarno Jr. (June 23, 1923 – June 22, 2017) was Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine, and attending physician at the Howard A. Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center. He graduated from Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1943, and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1950. In 1965, he was appointed the Director of the Outpatient Department at the Rusk Institute. He is also the originator of the diagnosis of the controversial psychosomatic condition tension myositis syndrome (TMS), which is also called tension myoneural syndrome.