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There's no nougat... (28.24)

Hall: Got something for you.

Wags: It's a giant Reggie Bar, right?

Hall: Better.

Bobby: Let's see it.

You lied. It's not better than a Reggie Bar. There's no nougat.

Bobby: Reggie Bar didn't have nougat either. But it was a thing of beauty. Like this.

The Yankees' home opener of the 1978 season, on April 13 against the Chicago White Sox, featured a new product, the "Reggie!" bar. In 1976, while playing in Baltimore, Jackson had said, "If I played in New York, they'd name a candy bar after me." The Standard Brands company responded with a circular "bar" of peanuts dipped in caramel and covered in chocolate, a confection which was originally named the "Wayne Bun" as it was made in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The "Reggie!" bars were handed to fans as they walked into Yankee Stadium. Jackson hit a home run, and when he returned to right field the next inning, fans began throwing the Reggie bars on the field in celebration. The bar did not live for very long however, and its career ended in 1981.