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The Yngwie Malmsteen of coding... (5.59)

You know what? Those other two were sweet, but you're more talented. I need you.

Damn right you do. 'Cause I'm the Yngwie Malmsteen of coding, total control of the instrument

Sad. Look, I need you to model something for me. If we give the algo an extra 20 billion to play with can it reliably generate returns in excess of eight percent? If so, how soon? How reliably? And can any other funds do the same? Wait, this isn't some T test.

This is something you'd pitch an investor. Problem is: Bridgewater would have 50 PhDs writing software on this.

Molly Hatchet had three guitarists. Rising Force had one. Are you going to tell me you can't play this solo? 

Ben Smith