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The price of any betrayal… (43.36)

Bryan: You know There's a move. Guys try it so often, we call it the Bojangle. When someone who's been caught, like yourself, agrees to cooperate, then thinks they can string us along, giving us nothing until what? Maybe you think we'll lose interest or somethin'? Well, that's not gonna happen ever, so don't you try to fucking Bojangle me.

Donnie: "The price of any betrayal always comes due in flesh."

Bryan: What's that? Shakespeare?

Donnie: Stephen King. Gunslinger. But no less true. You're right in recognizing that I am reluctant. It makes me sick to sell out the man who g-gave me everything so I can be with my family. So if that's not good enough, you can go fuck yourself! So you tell me, you want me to keep doing what I'm doing?

Bryan: Yeah. Keep it up. We'll be in touch.

The Gunslinger is a fantasy novel by American author Stephen King, the first volume in the Dark Tower series. The Gunslinger was first published in 1982 as a fix-up novel, joining five short stories that had been published between 1978 and 1981. King substantially revised the novel in 2003, and this version is in print today. The story centers upon Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger, who has been chasing after his adversary, "the man in black," for many years. The novel fuses Western fiction with fantasy, science fiction and horror, following Roland's trek through a vast desert and beyond in search of the man in black. Roland meets several people along his journey, including a boy named Jake Chambers who travels with him part of the way.