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The Mouse That Roared... (31.10)

Chuck: Do you know the story about the mouse that starts roaring like a lion…

Spyros: no.

Chuck: It doesn’t end well for the God-damned mouse.


Not too sure about this one. There's a Aesop fable about a lion and a mouse. But the mouse doesn't roar in it...

But The Mouse That Roared - which may not be anything to do with it - is a 1955 Cold War satirical novel by Irish American writer Leonard Wibberley, which launched a series of satirical books about an imaginary country in Europe called the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Wibberley went beyond the merely comic, using the premise to make commentaries about modern politics and world situations, including the nuclear arms race, nuclear weapons in general, and the politics of the United States.