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Is that Yosemite…?... (45.00)

Wags: I woke up in a hotel this morning.

Bobby: You're living in the fucking Pierre.

Wags: This was the Americana Suites, some shit dive next to Port Authority, with my ass on fire. And I saw I had a tattoo.

Bobby: On your ass?

Wags: Yeah.

Bobby: You got an ass tattoo?

Wags: All evidence points to that being the case.

Bobby: I need to see it.

Wags: You want to…

Bobby: No, don't want to. No. I need to… What the fuck is that? Is that Yosemite… 

Wags: I think so. I was a fan.

Bobby: I'm sending you somewhere.

Wags: Please, not rehab.

Bobby: No, not rehab.