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Shots and a mechanical bull... (30.36)

Lauren: You got your meeting with the smoke eaters.

Taylor: How?

Lauren: Johnny Utah's. You wanted to know.

Taylor: So, shots and a mechanical bull?

Lauren: And my group of pretty, personable young friends, yes. Those are the raw materials, but what I make of them is the art.

Taylor: And I suddenly understand why I now employ an IR person.

Johnny Utah’s is an underground saloon carved out of a converted bank vault and features New York City’s only mechanical bull.  The Bull, or as we like to call him, Buck, is illuminated by lighting candles (aka the ring of fire).  We’re as western authentic as it gets here on the East Coast.  Our exposed columns, towering ceiling beams, walls lined with safety deposit boxes, and western walls adorned with candlestick light help make Johnny Utah’s the home of cowboys in New York City.”