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She's gonna show you the Hans Gruber Memorial exit... (5.25)

Chuck: Say what you came to say.

You're alive as long as you're making progress. But the AG thinks that you stalled, she's gonna show you the Hans Gruber Memorial exit.

Chuck: Well, it's nice to hear you take the potential demise of my career so seriously.

Laugh or cry. You know what I mean?

Chuck: I sure do.

Hans Gruber is the main antagonist of Die Hard. He is a cold and unpredictable ex-Volksfrei radical who leads a gang of thieves who takeover Nakatomi Plaza, imprisoning hostages as part of a scheme to steal bearer bonds from the building's vault. His plan comes to a halt when John McClane kills three of his men and steals his bag of C-4 explosives. Gruber then sends Karl, his right-hand man, Fritz, and Franco, to retrieve them, all the while dealing with the police and the hostages. Gruber meets McClane himself disguised as "Bill Clay", but is quickly discovered. A shootout with McClane ensues, and despite losing Fritz and Franco, he manages to retrieve the detonators and escape. He later discovers one of the hostages, Holly Gennero, is related to John McClane, and keeps her for himself as he steals the bearer bonds. John McClane confronts Hans Gruber and his surviving henchman Eddie in the end, and although Gruber seems to have the upper hand, he is shot in the shoulder and falls out a window, still clinging to Holly. McClane saves his wife and Gruber falls to his death.