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Okay. My analyst caught it... (8.26)

Mafee: Okay, so Krakow's been running his mouth about China, right? I You can tell the way he talks.

Bobby: The way he talks?

Mafee: Yeah. Last year, he said, "watching factories grow. " It made me wonder, how's he seeing this?

Bobby: Really, Mafee? You expect me to believe you suddenly swapped Ali G reruns for videos of Todd Krakow's speeches on China?

Mafee: Okay. My analyst caught it.

Bobby: Yeah. Then get him in here.

Alistair Leslie Graham, better known as Ali G, is a satirical fictional character created and performed by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Originally appearing on Channel 4's The 11 O'Clock Show, and subsequently as the title character of Channel 4's Da Ali G Show in 2000 and on HBO in 2003–2004, he is also the title character of the film Ali G Indahouse. In December 2007, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Baron Cohen announced that Ali G, along with Borat, had been retired. However, Ali G returned at the 2012 British Comedy Awards to accept Baron Cohen's Outstanding Achievement Award, causing controversy by making jokes about Kate Middleton and Jimmy Savile. Ali G returned to television with Ali G Rezurection in 2014. Rezurection features new introductions by Ali G to some old highlights of Da Ali G Show.