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Make the rounds, Sonny.. (14.48)

Charles Snr: Make the rounds, Sonny. Like Billy Phelan did in his city. You know exactly where all the people are who can help you. Use them the way a bathhouse piano player used poppers to give you that electric shock of power just when you need it most.

This is a nod to the same source the episode title is refencing: William Kennedy’s 1978 novel, Billy Phelan's Greatest Game. The narrative is based on an actual event, the attempted 1933 kidnapping of John O'Connell Jr., the nephew of Daniel P. O'Connell. In 1930s Albany, New York, Billy Phelan is a hustler at pool, card sharp, bowler, and occasional bookmaker. Martin Daugherty is a reporter, and the son of a famous writer now grown old. Phelan and Daugherty become involved in the events surrounding the kidnapping of the son of a corrupt Albany political boss. The kidnapping is the central point of the story, but Kennedy also details the everyday lives of the characters inhabiting Albany's working class and poor neighborhoods. Some of the characters, including Billy Phelan's father Francis, appear in Ironweed, the third installment of the Albany Cycle.