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Like the bad guy in a Springsteen song... (3.33)

Chuck: Axelrod has never made a move as brazen, as public as looting a working class town.

Bryan: Yeah, now he's like the bad guy in a Springsteen song.

Chuck: Exactly so. Oh, he's the boss man closing down the factory and kicking Johnny 99 to the street. We're going to attack.

Johnny 99 is a song written and recorded by rock musician Bruce Springsteen, which first appeared on Springsteen's 1982 solo album Nebraska. In Johnny 99 Springsteen sings about an auto worker who gets laid off in Mahwah, New Jersey and shoots and kills a night clerk while drunk and distraught. As a result, he is apprehended and is sentenced to 99 years in prison, but requests to be executed instead. On the song, Springsteen is accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, although he doubles on harmonica as well. Despite the bleakness of the song's themes - including unemployment, poverty, robbery, murder and possibly execution - the tune is ironically jaunty, with a shuffling rockabilly beat.