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Like Billy Batts in the trunk... (09.45)

Wags: This thing stinks like Billy Batts in the trunk right now.

William "Billy Batts" Bentvena (January 19, 1921 – June 12, 1970) also known as William Devino, was a New York mobster with the Gambino crime family who was a longtime friend of John Gotti in the 1960s. After spending six years in prison, Bentvena was murdered by the mobster Tommy DeSimone, with the help of his associates Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill.

After Bentvena was attacked and presumed killed, DeSimone, Burke, and Hill placed his body in the trunk of Hill's Pontiac Grand Prix and drove away from the bar. While they were driving, the car had a minor collision with a van on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens. Soon after the collision, the men started hearing thudding sounds from the trunk and realized that Bentvena was still alive. They then stopped at DeSimone's mother's house to collect a knife, some lime, and a shovel. She made them drink coffee, chat and have some breakfast while the critically wounded Bentvena was still clinging to life in the trunk. Upon arriving at a forested plot of land just across the New York/Connecticut border, owned by a friend of Burke's, the three men opened the trunk of the car and Tommy and Jimmy murdered Bentvena, while Hill looked on. Once Bentvena was dead, the men buried him under a dog kennel. Hill later said that Burke and DeSimone "didn't actually shoot him, they just stabbed him, thirty or forty fucking times, it was fucking horrible."