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I'd be laughing like Hank Kingsley... (08.35)

Chuck: For I also know the name being nominated in committee to replace Wilcox.

DeGuilio: Ah.

Chuck: And let me be the first to congratulate you.

DeGuilio: Thank you.

Chuck: It's as it should be. You happy? You should be happy. I'd be laughing like Hank Kingsley if I were in your Florsheims.

DeGuilio: "Hey, now!” Hey, and these are Ferragamos.

Chuck: [chuckles] I like to laugh, too. But lately…

DeGuilio: Yes, lately.

Chuck: And I worry…

Hank Kingsley (born Henry Joseph Lepstein Jr.), played by Jeffrey Tambor, is the announcer and sidekick on Garry Shandling’s legendary TV chat show spoof The Larry Sanders Show, known for his "Hey now!" catchphrase (a takeoff on Ed McMahon's "Hi-yoooo!").

Florsheims and Ferragamos are shoe brands, of course.