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Keep your own courage, Lilly... (35.54)

Lilly: But if you can leave Axe You give me courage, Lara.

Lara: You're smart, Lilly. You had a career for a second. You know your shopper isn't your friend, personal trainer doesn't think you're actually making progress, and all the charities you give money to don't actually honor you when they honor you. But on some level, you believe every bit of it. You think the attention you receive is deserved. But when that fades, when every relationship in your life reveals itself to be a trade on your husband's net worth, you may say "fuck false friends," but you'll be hiring a PR rep the first time your Halloween costume isn't mentioned in Page Six. So keep your own courage, Lilly. And while you're at it, consider keeping that husband. Because while he may not give you what you think you want, he lets you keep on being Mrs. Keith Currier Smith, and I'm pretty sure that's what you need. Now you're trying to decide whether to be pissed or grateful. Definitely grateful.

Page Six is the gossip section of the New York Post.