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It's leaking, Axe... (9.55)


Carter Calloway: It's leaking, Axe. It's leaking and it's gonna blow and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Bobby: Who the fuck is this?

Carter Calloway: Carter Calloway, from Baton Rouge Okay.

Bobby: Slow down, breathe, and tell me what's going on.

Carter Calloway: An LNG terminal at the port has a perforation. It wasn't detected until it was too late and when those vapors build up - Boom. Ka-boom. The tank's gonna explode. Then the shrapnel from that will set off other tanks.

Bobby: Are you sure about this?

Carter Calloway: It's science. It's inevitable. Gonna go up like a bullfrog with an M-80 in its ass.

M-80s are an American class of large powerful firecrackers, sometimes called salutes. M-80s were originally made in the early 20th century by the U.S. military to simulate explosives or artillery fire; later, M-80s were manufactured as fireworks. Traditionally, M-80s were made from a small cardboard tube, often red, approximately 1 1⁄2 inches (3.8 cm) long and 9⁄16 inch (1.4 cm) inside diameter, with a fuse or wick coming out of the side; this type of fuse is commonly known as cannon fuse or Visco fuse, after a company responsible for standardizing the product. The tubes often hold approximately 2½–3 grams of pyrotechnic flash powder; many sources state that an M-80 carries 3 grams of powder.