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It's a hard laydown... (46.10)

Judge Funt: You're not here to ask me to shade my rulings. You're here to ask me to step off it.

Chuck: It's a hard laydown. And I'm asking you to lay it down.

Judge Funt: Ask yourself who you really are, Chuck. Are you the man that's reduced to collecting debts of the soul like like old Mr. Scratch?

Chuck: Well, as with all stories about that being, the debt is due, even if, especially if, it is not fair or even right to collect it. Believe me, my my insides hurt making this request.

Judge Funt: Oh, I don't believe that even a little. You like your insides just as they are.

Old Scratch or Mr. Scratch is a nickname or pseudonym for the Devil. The name likely continues Middle English scrat, the name of a demon or goblin, derived from Old Norse skratte.