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I'm taking her to Grenouille... (41.15)

Chuck: Where's Mom?

Charles Snr: Hair appointment. I'm taking her out tonight to Grenouille for our anniversary.

Chuck: Mm.

Charles Snr: But she set us up with some gazpacho. She made some guacamole as well.

Chuck: Avocado's a superfood…


La Grenouille is a historic and award-winning French restaurant located at 3 East 52nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue) in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Founded in 1962 by former Henri Soulé apprentice Charles Masson, Sr. and his wife Gisèle, later with sons Philippe and Charles, La Grenouille (Fr., "The Frog") became a location of choice among New York, U.S., and eventually international diners, including designers from the nearby New York fashion district. It is the last operating New York French haute cuisine restaurant from the 1960s, and remains a highly rated restaurant.