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I'm being sued. Apparently by everyone I've ever met... (50.35)

Chuck: I'm being sued. Apparently by everyone I've ever met. Didn't make any sense until I saw this one. Bobby Axelrod. A Bivens Claim for violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. Malicious prosecution. And the rest of these are similar, and they all came together. I think he's financing all of them, and I have a feeling he's gonna make this his life's mission.

A Bivens claim is a special type of 'implied cause of action' that was created by the Supreme Court, in the Bivens case, to allow private individuals to sue federal employees for constitutional violations when no statute has authorized such. Bivens claims are also sometimes referred to as constitutional torts.

Normally, when a person suffers a violation of their constitutional or civil rights, particularly in the context of police, prison, immigration enforcement, officer misconduct, there are usually legal remedies. However, when these types of constitutional violation stem from the actions of a federal agent, appointee, officer, or employee, victims often find that many of the typical remedies will not be available.