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I-I'm working on my boasts and rails with a pro... (27.41)

Chuck: Jesus Christ, Ira. When did you turn into Sharif Khan?

Ira: I gotta confess. I-I'm working on my boasts and rails with a pro.

Chuck: Mm.

Ira: 300 an hour. But hey, at least I don't suck anymore. You want his number?

Chuck: You just gave it to me. And it's too much.

Sharif Khan is a Pakistani retired professional squash player. He is widely considered to be one of the all-time great players of hardball squash (a North American variant of squash played with a faster-moving ball and on slightly smaller courts than the international "softball" squash game). He was the dominant player on the hardball squash circuit throughout the 1970s. Sharif was born in Pakistan, and is the son of the legendary squash player Hashim Khan (who dominated the international squash game in the 1950s).

Boasts and Rails are Squash shots, obviously.