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I like what I hear... (23.52)

Dollar Bill: You have 30 seconds.

Spyros: I can still access a list of all the public companies being investigated by the SEC, but have not disclosed the investigation to their shareholders. With your special brand of knowledge, you can determine which of these inquiries have teeth and which are bullshit. You can short the companies that you think will go down when the investigations come to light

Dollar Bill: And go long on those that get dinged by the bad press from being looked into, and shoot up when they're ultimately cleared.

Spyros: Right Said Fred.

Dollar Bill: Okay. I like what I hear. Other than that Right Said Fred bullshit.

Right Said Fred is an English band based in London and formed by brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass in 1989. Guitarist Rob Manzoli joined the duo in 1990. The group has achieved multi-platinum status and has also won two Ivor Novello Awards β€“ for "I'm Too Sexy" (1991) and "Deeply Dippy" (1992).

The band’s name is taken from "Right Said Fred", a 1962 novelty song written by Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge. It is about three men (the narrator, "Fred" and "Charlie") working as manual labourers who are trying to move an unidentified object (although it is clarified that it has feet, a seat, handles and candleholders) in a building without success, eventually failing and giving up after having dismantled the object, part-demolished the building (including removing a door, wall and the ceiling) and taking numerous tea breaks. The lyrics do not specify whether Fred recovers from "half a ton of rubble falling on his dome" prior to the others having a final teabreak and going home.