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I kept us alive... (13.21)

Taylor: I did more than just run your money. I kept us alive. I killed it at the Idea Dinner. I convinced the Street that night, and every day since, that there was always someone at the helm. I got us through a natural disaster. I all but closed Kansas City before Ben Kim went Thunder From Down Under on them. And let's not forget that I was key in making up the shortfall from Grigor's redemption, at great personal cost.

Australia's Thunder from Down Under is an Australian male revue who perform in Las Vegas, NV and tour internationally. The show is a 90-minute, interactive performance with choreographed dance and flashing lights. Their main competitor is Chippendales. The show is co-owned by Adam Steck and founder Billy Cross.

Since its debut in 1991, nearly 10 million people have watched them perform. Originally, the show uses the Australian practice of no tipping as a way to attract audiences. Their first show was in an old theater in The Frontier in '01 and booked a show in the Excalibur Hotel in '02. Since then, Thunder has toured over 15 countries including Russia, England, Canada, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Ireland and, in 2017, will be headed to Thailand and China as well. Each year, the group releases an annual calendar featuring the dancers and releases a documentary of the shoot.