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Drop the weapon!... (1.58)

An early scene opens with a very drunk Mick Danzig - one of Axe’s portfolio managers - venturing into his garden in the middle of the night clutching a bottle of booze in one hand and an automatic weapon in the other. He sets the bottle down on the lawn and proceeds to fire indiscriminately in the direction of some deer who are feeding on his plants. The booze is Singani. And the brand - which happens to be owned and operated by film maker Steven Soderbergh - is this one.


Singani is distilled from white Muscat of Alexandria grapes. It is produced only in the Bolivian high valleys and is considered the national liquor of Bolivia and a cultural patrimony. Its character and production methods are closest to eau-de-vie but it is classified as a brandy for purposes of international trade. Singani has been declared a Domain of Origin (Denominación de Origen or DO) and a Geographical Indication (GI) by the Bolivian government. Singani has been produced since the 16th century shortly after the Spanish arrived in South America. It was first distilled by monastic orders who needing sacramental wine found it expedient to also distill. Most sources say the name singani derives from a pre-Columbian village of that name near the mission that first distilled the liquor.