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Disruption works... (7.50)

Bobby: Venture Philanthropy. There's some of that disruption you're famous for.

Oscar Langstraat: Disruption works. It's uncomfortable but effective. Like rolfing.

Rolfing  is a bunch of quack, woo-woo bullshit originally developed by Ida Rolf (1896–1979) as Structural Integration. It is typically delivered as a series of ten hands-on physical manipulation sessions sometimes called "the recipe". It is based on Rolf's ideas about how the human body's "energy field" can benefit when aligned with the Earth's gravitational field. Practitioners combine superficial and deep manual therapy with movement prompts.[6] The process is sometimes painful.

The principles of Rolfing contradict established medical knowledge, and there is no good evidence Rolfing is effective for the treatment of any health condition. It is recognized as a pseudoscience and has been characterized as quackery. Nuff said.