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Roll Tide Roll!... (2.54)

Wendy: Should I give you "napalm in the morning

Bobby: I already got a version 

Wendy: Then "no vice but beggary"? 

Bobby: How 'bout Nick Saban?

Wendy: Roll Tide Roll! 

Wags: That's fucking impressive.

Bobby: I count on it.

The napalm in the morning thing is, of course, a nod to one of Robert Duvall’s most iconic lines of dialogue from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 movie masterpiece Apocolypse Now!: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like… victory.”

The “no vice but beggary thing is Shakespeare again. King John, Act II, scene 1. Hit the link for the full quote.

Nicholas Lou Saban Jr. (born October 31, 1951) is an American football coach who has been the head football coach at the University of Alabama since 2007. Saban previously served as head coach of the National Football League's Miami Dolphins and at three other universities: Louisiana State University (LSU), Michigan State University, and the University of Toledo. Saban's career record as a college head coach is 232–63–1.

Roll Tide (or Roll Tide Roll) is the rallying cry for the Alabama Crimson Tide athletic teams. The trademark to the phrase is claimed by the University of Alabama, with licensing and marketing by The Collegiate Licensing Company. Alabama Crimson Tide football under Nick Saban covers the history of the Alabama Crimson Tide football program during the period from when Nick Saban was hired as head coach in 2007 through the present.

You didn't even flinch... (3.31)

Grigor: I was just asking myself if I would. And you know what? I would! Wow. Every day you live this life you learn something about yourself. Delightful!

Taylor: If you're delighted, just imagine how it makes me feel.

Grigor: That's good. You didn't even flinch. Like the titan, Lee Iacocca. That's important. To business then.

Lido Anthony "LeeIacocca (born October 15, 1924) is an American automobile executive best known for the development of Ford Mustang and Pinto cars, while at the Ford Motor Company in the 1960s, and then later for reviving the Chrysler Corporation as its CEO during the 1980s. He served as President and CEO of Chrysler from 1978 and additionally as chairman from 1979, until his retirement at the end of 1992. Iacocca was a passionate advocate of U.S. business exports during the 1980s. He has authored or co-authored several books, including Iacocca: An Autobiography (with William Novak), and Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Portfolio named Iacocca the 18th-greatest American CEO of all time.

I have no idea what Grigor is alluding to here with the not flinching thing though.

Hey, Sarah... (5.49)

Bobby: Hey, Sarah.

Sarah Blakely: Hey, Axe.

Bobby: I didn't see you down on the list.

Sarah Blakely: Yeah, I'm not here to invest, so I didn't want to take a spot.

Bobby: I know you've said you'll never take Spanx public…

Sarah Blakely: And I won't.

Bobby: Yeah, but when you do, let me know.

Sarah Blakely: See ya, Axe.

This is a little cameo appearance from Sarah Blakely. Sara Treleaven Blakely (born February 27, 1971) is an American billionaire businesswoman, and founder of Spanx, an American intimate apparel company with pants and leggings, founded in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2012, Blakely was named in Time magazine's "Time 100" annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. As of 2014, she is listed as the 93rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. Estimated personal net worth: fifty scriligazzillion dollars.

Spanx, Inc. is an American underwear maker focusing on shaping briefs and leggings, founded in Atlanta, Georgia. The company manufactures mainly pantyhose and other underwear for women and, since 2010, produces male underwear as well. Spanx specializes in foundation garments intended to make people appear thinner.

Jackie Robinson clean... (8.51)

Chuck: I did as hard a vet on you as one could do.

Alvin Epstein: I knew to get where I needed to get I'd have to be Jackie Robinson clean.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson (January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972) was an American professional baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era. Robinson broke the baseball color line when the Brooklyn Dodgers started him at first base on April 15, 1947. When the Dodgers signed Robinson, they heralded the end of racial segregation in professional baseball that had relegated black players to the Negro leagues since the 1880s. Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

We did it!... (10.20)

Bobby: We. Fucking. Did it! Six billion dollars committed. In one morning. We are back! All the fucking way back! Wendy, Wags and Taylor. They all came through for us huge. Let's have a big shout out for all three of them! The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2003. The band consists of Craig Finn (vocals, guitar), Tad Kubler(guitar), Galen Polivka (bass), Bobby Drake (drums), Franz Nicolay (keyboards) and Steve Selvidge (guitar).  Noted for their "lyrically dense storytelling," and classic rock influences, the band's narrative-based songs frequently address themes, such as drug addiction, religion and redemption, and often feature recurring characters based within the city of Minneapolis.

Take a chopper... (10.23)

Bobby: Only Ricky Roma gets to show up late.

Taylor: Well, I am at the top of the board.

Wags: What the fuck? 

Taylor: Uber

Wags: If you're gonna go around, go like a rich person. Take a chopper.

Taylor: I'm here now. Let's do this thing.

Richard Roma is a fictional character from David Mamet's 1982 play Glengarry Glen Ross and its 1992 film adaptation. Roma has been portrayed by a range of actors, including Joe Mantegna, Al Pacino and Liev Schreiber, although the role was originated by Jack Shepherd. Actors portraying Roma have seen multiple stage award wins and nominations—both Mantegna and Schreiber received a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for their depictions, while Shepherd earned a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor for his portrayal. In film, Pacino received nominations for both the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture.

Like Barry White?... (10.41)

Wendy: Remember: they are not buying your proprietary trading platform, they are not buying your strategies, they are buying you. Remind them that we have the answers. That they are safe in your loving arms.

Bobby: Like Barry White?

Barry Eugene Carter (September 12, 1944 – July 4, 2003), better known by his stage name Barry White, was an American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and composer. A three-time Grammy Award–winner known for his distinctive bass-baritone voice and romantic image, his greatest success came in the 1970s as a solo singer and with The Love Unlimited Orchestra, crafting many enduring soul, funk, and disco songs such as his two biggest hits: "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" and "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe". During the course of his career in the music business, White achieved 106 gold albums worldwide, 41 of which also attained platinum status. White had 20 gold and 10 platinum singles, with worldwide record sales in excess of 100 million, and is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. His influences included James Cleveland, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, The Supremes, The Four Tops, and Marvin Gaye.

Not sure which song the ‘safe in your loving arms’ thing is a ref. to…

Perfecting the Elmsley Count... (11.32)

Over the past year, we've seen the lowest market correlation of any fund in the business. You will, of course, want to know why and how. So come sit in and shadow me for a day, because it's like asking a magician how they do their tricks. We all know it's not magic. It's the opposite of magic. It's grinding, focused work, it's sitting on their bed for weeks, months at a time, working slip cuts, perfecting the Elmsley Count so that the audience never sees where the cards really are. No. It's not magic. But when the effect is presented, it sure feels like a miracle.

Alex Elmsley (2 March 1929 – 8 January 2006) was a Scottish magician and computer programmer. He was notable for his invention of the Ghost Count or Elmsley Count, creating mathematical card tricks, and for publishing the mathematics of playing card shuffling. He began practising magic in 1946, as a teenager. He studied physics and mathematics at Cambridge University; whilst there he was also secretary of the Pentacle Club. He was a patent agent, and later a computer expert, in his day job. Otherwise, he was an amateur card and close-up magician. He was awarded an Academy of Magical Arts Creative Fellowship in 1972. He created a number of well-known magic tricks, including The Four Card Trick, Between Your Palms, Point Of Departure] and Diamond Cut Diamond.

He named the special count used in The Four Card Trick the ghost count, though it would later become known as the Elmsley Count - a false count (often done with four cards) where the surface of a card is hidden while the cards are passed from one hand to another.

Hair of the dog?... (17.43)

Bobby: Hair of the dog?

Wags: No. It was, indeed, some party last night. But I fear it might be over.

Bobby: Meaning?

Wags: I've been making follow up calls to book the money that was pledged at the race. I'm having problems locking it in.

Bobby: What fucking problems?

Wags: Problems reaching people. They're dodging. I'm feeling like somebody slipped us a Cosby.

Referring to the serial rapist, Bill Cosby. William Henry Cosby Jr. (born July 12, 1937) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author and convicted sex offender. Cosby's reputation was damaged by numerous sexual assault accusations, the earliest of which date back decades. In the mid-2010s, more than 60 women accused him of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct, allegations he denies, for which the statute of limitations had by then expired in nearly all cases. After a year-long trial, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to three to ten years in prison in September 2018. Wags is alluding to Cosby’s habit of drugging his victims.

I would not hesitate... (24.58)

Bobby: I understand what you're offering. But I cannot ask you to do it, at this time.

Grigor: If it were me and I were standing as naked as Paris Hilton and twice as fucked, I would not hesitate.

Bobby: I know you wouldn't.

Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981)  is an American media personality, businesswoman, socialite, model, singer, actress, fashion designer, and DJ. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Born in New York City and raised there and in Beverly Hills, California, Hilton began her modeling career as a teenager when she signed with New York-based modeling development agency Trump Model Management. Her late-night persona made her a fixture of tabloid journalism, and Hilton was proclaimed "New York's leading It girl" in 2001. In 2003, a leaked 2001 sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, later released as 1 Night in Paris, catapulted her into global fame, and the reality television series The Simple Life, in which she starred with her socialite counterpart Nicole Richie, started its five-year run with 13 million viewers, on FOX.

PIc: © Glenn Francis,

PIc: © Glenn Francis,

You know what happens to usurpers... (29.35)

Bobby: You know your history, so you know what happens to usurpers. Charles Edward Stuart, for example.

Taylor: Bonnie Prince Charlie. Yes. His troops slaughtered. Him exiled from the kingdom.

Bobby: More like on the run for the rest of his life. And that was one of the more civilized responses. You have to know that anything I do to stop you is warranted.

Taylor: I anticipated that being your reaction. So do what you must. And I'll defend as I have to.

Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart (31 December 1720 – 31 January 1788) was the elder son of James Francis Edward Stuart, grandson of James II and VII and after 1766 the Stuart claimant to the throne of Great Britain. During his lifetime, he was also known as "The Young Pretender" or "The Young Chevalier" and in popular memory as "Bonnie Prince Charlie". He is best remembered for his role in the 1745 rising; his defeat at Culloden in April 1746 effectively ended the Stuart cause, and subsequent attempts (such as a planned French invasion in 1759) failed to materialise. His escape from Scotland after the uprising led him to be portrayed as a romantic figure of heroic failure in later representations.

You ingratiated yourself to me... (45.36)

Jock Jeffcoat: You ingratiated yourself to me, Chuck. You inveigled yourself into my life. You invited me and my wife into your house. YOUR HOUSE! Only to do me like some combo of Iscariot and Salvatore Tessio. Well, I'm gonna do you the same as they got.

Judas Iscariot (died c.  30 – c.  33 AD) was a disciple and one of the original Twelve Disciples of Jesus Christ. According to all four canonical gospels, Judas betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin in the Garden of Gethsemane by kissing him and addressing him as "Rabbi" to reveal his identity to the crowd who had come to arrest him. His name is often used synonymously with betrayal or treason.

Salvatore "SalTessio is a fictional character in Mario Puzo's 1969 novel The Godfather, as well as two of the films based on it: The Godfather and The Godfather Part II (1974). His given name was created for the films; in the novel he is referred to only as "Tessio". In the film The Godfather, Tessio was portrayed by Abe Vigoda. In The Godfather Part II, John Aprea portrayed the younger Tessio, while Vigoda reprised the role in a flashback, set in late 1941, at the end of the film.

How'd you find me?... (47.53)

Oscar: I've brought you some redemption. Redemption Roasters coffee that is. To wish you good luck on your new venture, and because, to make it go, you'll be working all night long.

Taylor: Thank you, Oscar. How'd you find me? 

Oscar: Word's traveling fast. I also brought you this My letter of intent to come on-board with some seed money. Initial investment of 500 million.

Taylor: Thank you. Wow.

This is a really interesting one because Redemption Roasters coffee is a UK iniative based in Aylesbury Young Offenders Prison. So maybe their coffee is also available in the USA. Or maybe there’s another one…