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Danger, Will Robinson!... (8.42)

Taylor: The Sex Wax is going on the surfboard as we speak. Getting into the spirit of talking to the primes I mean to say: we are well positioned. I've been backchanneling with them, and landing that Grigor money lubricates as you said it would it's telling the story that we are back.

Spyros: Danger, Will Robinson!

Bobby: The fuck, Spyros? 

I couldn't stop him, he said it was DEFCON six urgent.

Taylor: The DEFCON scale only goes to five

Spyros: Exactly.

Taylor: And one is the most severe.

Spyros: Whatever. We just had 1.5 big ones pulled out of the firm.

Wags: Oh, shit

Bobby: Yeah.

Taylor: That can only be one person

Bobby: It's Grigor Andolov. And just so you know for the future: you don't have walk-in privileges.

Spyros: Sugarpova? High end! Yumster!

Mr. Zog's Sex Wax is a Carpinteria, California, brand of surfwax manufactured for use on surfboards.[1] This wax is rubbed on the top surface or "deck" of a surfboard to allow traction and grip for the surfer.

Danger, Will Robinson! is a classic catchphrase - used by Robot to warn young Will Robinson about an impending threat - from the 1960s American TV series Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series, created and produced by Irwin Allen, which originally aired between 1965 and 1968. The series is loosely based on the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson, and on a comic book published by Gold Key Comics titled The Space Family Robinson. The series follows the adventures of the Robinsons, a pioneering family of space colonists who struggle to survive in the depths of space. The show ran for 83 episodes over three seasons, the first year of which was filmed in black and white.

The defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is an alert state used by the United States Armed Forces. The DEFCON system was developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and unified and specified combatant commands.[2] It prescribes five graduated levels of readiness (or states of alert) for the U.S. military. It increases in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe) to match varying military situations.

Sugarpova is a candy line created by tennis player Maria Sharapova and candy veteran Jeff Rubin, founder of international retailer IT'SUGAR. According to the Sugarpova website, "Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova." A portion of all proceeds goes to the Maria Sharapova Foundation, Sharapova's charity.

Your board likes Devin Hester returns... (11.20)

Come on, we've had some quiet success with Panay. With your hand on the wheel, sure, but my board of directors likes quiet.

Bobby: Your board likes Devin Hester returns and I'm the only one who can take their money a hundred and nine yards to the promised land.

Devin Devorris Hester Sr. (born November 4, 1982) is a former American football wide receiver and return specialist. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played college football at Miami, where he was the first player in the university’s recent history to play in all three phases of American football: offense, defense and special teams. In addition to Chicago, Hester also played for the Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks over his eleven-season NFL career.

A minor key personal thing... (16.40)

Bobby: You came in for something.

Taylor: A minor key personal thing. Can you arrange NoMad for me and some out of town guests? Sure.

Bobby: Oscar isn't wired in New York? He is, but I want to deliver this for him as a present.

Taylor: It's a business thing, a little celebration.

Bobby: Okay. I'll call Will Guidara now.

The NoMad is an integrated hotel and restaurant owned by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. The hotel is in Manhattan's NoMad neighborhood in New York City. The hotel is sometimes referred to as NoMad New York to differentiate from its sister location in Los Angeles. The building is a contributing property to the Madison Square North Historic District, a New York City Landmark.

William Guidara (born November 25, 1979) is an American restaurateur based in New York City. Along with chef Daniel Humm, Guidara is co-owner of the hospitality group Make It Nice, established in 2011, which owns and operates Eleven Madison Park, NoMad New York, NoMad Los Angeles, NoMad Bar and Made Nice.

Go Bears!... (16.15)

Barkow: Axe, I've got Kansas City in town. The Heavy Construction Laborers Union fund. They heard you got your icebreaker. They're coming to you for a meeting. Starting investment is 500 million.

Bobby: Well, we'll see about upping that number. Send them in.

Barkow: Just a warning: they're straitlaced. I'm taking them to Cats, not The Box.

Bobby: Okay. So we'll give them milk with their Michter's. And when we're sitting at the table with 'em, you sell them the car with the Tru-Coat sealant you hear?

Taylor: Go Bears!

Cats is a sung-through musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. The musical tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make what is known as "the Jellicle choice" and decide which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life. Directed by Trevor Nunn and choreographed by Gillian Lynne, 

Cats first opened in the West End in 1981 and then with the same creative team on Broadway in 1982. It won numerous awards, including Best Musical at both the Laurence Olivier Awards and the Tony Awards. The London production ran for 21 years and the Broadway production ran for 18 years, both setting new records. Actresses Elaine Paige and Betty Buckleybecame particularly associated with the musical. One actress, Marlene Danielle, performed in the Broadway production for its entire run (from 1982 until 2000). As of 2018, Cats is the fourth-longest-running show in Broadway history, and was the longest-running Broadway show in history from 1997 until 2006 when it was surpassed by The Phantom of the Opera. Cats is the sixth-longest-running West End show. It has been performed around the world many times and has been translated into more than 20 languages. In 1998, Cats was turned into a direct-to-video film. The musical has grossed approximately $342.2 million.

The Box is a risqué nightclub, review show, burlesque place - the usual drill.

The Tru-Coat thing and Go Bears! are huge Fargo refs. (Props to the Billions reddit thread for nailing these.) See the video links above.

Fargo is a 1996 black comedy-crime film written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Frances McDormand stars as Marge Gunderson, a pregnant Minnesota police chief investigating roadside homicides that ensue after a desperate car salesman (William H. Macy) hires two criminals (Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare) to kidnap his wife in order to extort a hefty ransom from his wealthy father-in-law (Harve Presnell). Fargo premiered at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, where Joel Coen won the festival's Prix de la mise en scène (Best Director Award) and the film was nominated for the Palme d'Or. A critical and commercial success, Fargo received seven Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. McDormand received the Best Actress Oscar, and the Coens won in the Best Original Screenplay category.

Like Costner did in Wolves... (16.58)

Karl: You really are starting a war. Like Costner did in Wolves. Riding right up to the enemy line, letting 'em take their shots at you, almost daring them to kill you.

Chuck: Like him, I am the walking wounded already. Might as well go out Bon Jovi style.

Sacker: Blaze of Glory, huh? 

Chuck: You've worked for me a long while, Kate, you've studied hard. Good one.

Sacker: So we can't talk you out of this one? 

Chuck: No. But we can be more careful than Mr. Costner was. So as not to tip off Main Justice until the case is built.

Kevin Michael Costner (born January 18, 1955) is an American actor, director, producer, and musician. His accolades include two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, one Primetime Emmy Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Dances with Wolves is a 1990 American epic Western film starring, directed and produced by Kevin Costner. It is a film adaptation of the 1988 book of the same name by Michael Blake that tells the story of Union Army lieutenant John J. Dunbar (Costner) who travels to the American frontier to find a military post and of his dealings with a group of Lakota Indians.

Bon Jovi is an American rock band formed in 1983 in Sayreville, New Jersey. It consists of singer Jon Bon Jovi, keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres, guitarist Phil X, and bassist Hugh McDonald. Previous bassist Alec John Such was dismissed in 1994, and longtime guitarist and co-songwriter Richie Sambora left in 2013. To date they have sold an estimated 13 bazillion records. Or something.

Blaze of Glory is Jon Bon Jovi's debut solo studio album, released in 1990. It includes songs from and inspired by the movie Young Guns II. Emilio Estevez asked for Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" as the theme song for his upcoming Billy the Kid sequel, but Jon Bon Jovi ended up composing an all-new theme song for the film's soundtrack instead. The album featured guests such as Elton John, Little Richard, and Jeff Beck. Blaze of Glory was awarded a Golden Globe. It also received Academy Award and Grammy nominations.

I don't have IBS... (25.42)

Wags: You think standing next to our boy will make that mirepoix of psoriasis, dandruff, and irritable bowel syndrome disappear?

Frotty: I don't have IBS. Technically. And yes I do think so. Because while he's surfed above it all, I've been treated like Eddie Mush with a pocketbook. Mm? If you want my Jordanian money, you got to cuddle up.

mirepoix is a flavour base made from diced vegetables that are cooked, usually with butter, oil, or other fat, for a long time on a low heat without colour or browning. It is not sautéed or otherwise hard cooked because the intention is to sweeten the ingredients rather than caramelise them. It is a long-standing cooking technique in French cuisine.

Eddie Mush is a degenerate gambler, based on the real life character who ended up playing himself in the movie A Bronx Tale, a 1993 American crime drama film, adapted from Chazz Palminteri's 1989 play of the same name. It tells the coming of age story of an Italian-American boy, Calogero Anello, who, after encountering a local Mafia boss, is torn between the temptations of organized crime and the values of his honest, hardworking father. The Broadway production was converted to film with limited changes, and starred Palminteri and Robert De Niro.

I feel like Rick in Casablanca... (34.04)

Wags: Anisman should be here any minute.

Bobby: Grigor and his fucking money. I never take it, he never pulls it. I'm not even considering this. I feel like Rick in Casablanca, selling out to Signor Ferrari.

Casablanca is a 1942 American romantic drama film directed by Michael Curtiz based on Murray Burnett and Joan Alison's unproduced stage play Everybody Comes to Rick's. The film stars Humphrey Bogart as Rick, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid; it also features Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet (as Signor Ferrari), Peter Lorre, and Dooley Wilson. Set during contemporary World War II, it focuses on an American expatriate who must choose between his love for a woman and helping her and her husband, a Czech Resistance leader, escape from the Vichy-controlled city of Casablanca to continue his fight against the Nazis.

Short for frottage... (34.22)

Dollar Bill: Frotty Anisman. I should have sniffed him out from all the Sadelle's they carted in before.

Bonnie: The fuck they call him Frotty? 

Mafee: Short for frottage. As in: stay out of close quarters with him.

Rudy: I'm still lost.

Bonnie: The practice of rubbing against another person's clothed body in a crowd for sexual gratification. But for the record, it's pronounced frot-tahge. Totally gross unless you're ScarJo and JoGo in Don Jon. Then it's hot as fuck.

Sadelle’s is where the food they lay out for Frotty comes from.

ScarJo is Scarlett Ingrid Johansson (born November 22, 1984), the American actress and singer. Johansson is the world's highest-paid actress, has made multiple appearances in the Forbes Celebrity 100, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

JoGo is Joseph Gordon Levitt who directed and starred in Don Jon, alongside ScarJo. Frottage was involved. Are you keeping up? Good.

Don Jon is a 2013 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Produced by Ram Bergman and Nicolas Chartier, the film stars Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, and Julianne Moore, with Rob Brown, Glenne Headly, Brie Larson, and Tony Danza in supporting roles. The film premiered under its original title Don Jon's Addiction at the Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2013, and had its wide release in the United States on September 27, 2013.

I just might... (37.18)

Wags: You know I love it when you move with the mystery of Yahweh, but what the fuck? I hope you have something because you just threw out the thing we had.

Bobby: I might. I just might.

Yahweh was the national god of the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel (Samaria) and Judah. His exact origins are disputed, although they reach back to the early Iron Age and even the Late Bronze: his name may have begun as an epithet of El, head of the Bronze Age Canaanite pantheon,[6] but the earliest plausible mentions of Yahweh are in Egyptian texts that refer to a similar-sounding place name associated with the Shasu nomads of the southern Transjordan.

In the oldest biblical literature, Yahweh is a typical ancient Near Eastern "divine warrior", who leads the heavenly army against Israel's enemies; he later became the main god of the Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) and of Judah, and over time the royal court and temple promoted Yahweh as the god of the entire cosmos, possessing all the positive qualities previously attributed to the other gods and goddesses. By the end of the Babylonian exile(6th century BCE), the very existence of foreign gods was denied, and Yahweh was proclaimed as the creator of the cosmos and the true god of all the world.

That's right, Madoff... (39.10)

Chuck: Oh, a pack of monkeys throwing darts at a board would do better than you ten, twelve, fifteen million dollar losses Ten years running! The church has a longer horizon than ordinary investors Come on, we both know you're not executing any trades. You know who that sounds like? I'll give you a hint, you'll be rooming with him at Camp Butner. That's right, Madoff.

Bernard Lawrence Madoff (born April 29, 1938) is an American former market maker, investment advisor, financier, fraudster, and convicted felon, who is currently serving a federal prison sentence for offences related to a massive Ponzi scheme. He is the former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, the confessed operator of the largest Ponzi scheme in world history, and the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. Prosecutors estimated the fraud to be worth $64.8 billion based on the amounts in the accounts of Madoff's 4,800 clients as of November 30, 2008.

The Federal Correctional Complex, Butner (FCC Butner) is a United States federal prison complex for men in Butner, North Carolina. It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. FCC Butner is about 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Raleigh, the state capital. It includes the Bureau's largest medical complex, which operates a drug treatment program and specializes in oncology and behavioral science. Among its inmates is Bernie Madoff, who was convicted for perpetrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

Also: I didn't kill you... (45.38)

What the fuck?!

This is where you would make some kind of reference to a gangster movie betrayal. As in: I went to the barber and ended up on the floor like Joey Gallo. And you were the only one who knew I was getting a haircut.

I probably would. Yeah. But Joey Gallo got killed at Umberto's. It was Anastasia who got it at the barber shop. Also: I didn't kill you. You are standing here in my office, not bleeding out on the linoleum.

Same difference in our world.

Joseph Gallo (April 7, 1929 – April 7, 1972), also known as "Crazy Joe" and "Joe the Blond", was a New York City gangster for the Profaci crime family, later known as the Colombo crime family.

Umberto's Clam House is an Italian seafood restaurant located at 132 Mulberry Street in Little Italy in Manhattan (New York City), New York, United States. Umberto's became known for its "tasty dishes of calamari, scungilli, and mussels", but initially became prominent, weeks after opening, for being the site of "one of the more sensational Mafia murders in New York City in recent history". The restaurant was founded and is owned by members of the Ianniello family.

Albert Anastasia (born Umberto Anastasio, September 26, 1902 – October 25, 1957) was an American mobster, hitman and crime lord, and one of the most ruthless and feared organized crime figures in United States history. One of the founders of the modern American Mafia and the founder and boss of Murder, Inc., Anastasia was boss of what became the modern Gambino crime family. Anastasia is considered by the FBI to be one of the deadliest criminals of all time. According to former NYPD Detective Ralph Salerno, Anastasia murdered tens of thousands of people during his reign of terror, while former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom believes the number of people that Anastasia has killed is unquestionably in the thousands. The exact number is unknown. These claims are called into question by the fact that during prohibition the number of murders per year in New York City was around 500. To kill thousands Anastasia would have to have committed every murder in New York for several years. Anastasia was unarguably the most dangerous and feared hitman of the Cosa Nostra's golden era, earning the infamous nicknames "The One-Man Army", "Mad Hatter" and "Lord High Executioner". Anastasia was also in control of the New York waterfront for most of his criminal career, including the dockworker unions.

Very un-American... (51.21)

Grigor: I took from you. You didn't make a squeal or spill a tear. Very un-American.

Bobby: Would it have worked?

Grigor: Only to make me never think of you again. And somehow like the man, Teófilo Stevenson, you boxed your way out of the corner and found a way to cover your losses.

Teófilo Stevenson Lawrence (29 March 1952 – 11 June 2012) was a Cuban amateur boxer and engineer. Stevenson is one of only three boxers to win three Olympic gold medals, alongside Hungarian László Papp and fellow Cuban Félix Savón. The BBC described Stevenson as "Cuba's greatest boxer, once its most famous figure after Fidel Castro".