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Respectfully, delicately, regretfully he's better than you... (5.54)

Wags: His team has outlasted ours four out of the last five years. He's a good fucking card player great, even. Phil Laak calls Krakow a wizard, says he can GTO-grind a man into a nub.

Bobby: How'd you like to go work for him? 

Wags: No, thank you, sir. Respectfully, delicately, regretfully he's better than you.

Bobby: I see that. Head-to-head, he is better.

Wags: So, we don't play?

Bobby: No. We reduce his edge.

Philip "Phil" Courtney Laak is an Irish born American professional poker player and a poker commentator, now residing in Los Angeles, California. Laak holds a World Poker Tour (WPT) title, a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, and has appeared on numerous nationally aired television shows.

GTO is a poker thing. Read about it here.

What, do you got a migraine, Bryan?... (7.57)

Chuck: Is there some kind of a prop bet going on here? First one to mention Lawrence Boyd has to buy everyone else cotton candy? 

Connerty: There's just nothing to say, boss.

Really? Nothing that isn't speculative at best.

It's crunch time, and Connerty's pulling a Scottie Pippen. What, do you got a migraine, Bryan?

Come on, Chuck.

That's not fair to Pippen. The man had just suffered a personal loss.

I don't give a shit.

In gambling, a "proposition bet" (prop bet, prop, novelty, or a side bet) is a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game (usually a gambling game) of an event not directly affecting the game's final outcome.

Proposition bets in sports are differentiated from the general bets for or against a particular team or regarding the total number of points scored. Traditionally, proposition bets can be made on outcomes such as the number of strikeouts a pitcher will accumulate in a baseball game, whether a non-offensive player will score in an American football game, which team will score the first points of the game, the discipline record of teams in a match, the timing of certain events, the number of specific events per team or in the entire match, realistically any statistically discrete event contained in a match or game could be bet on. Fixing part of a match for a certain result in a proposition bet is called Spot-fixing.

Scotty Maurice Pippen (born September 25, 1965), commonly spelled Scottie Pippen, is an American former professional basketball player. He played 17 seasons in the National Basketball Association. Nicknamed "Pip", he is most remembered for his time with the Chicago Bulls, the team with whom he won six NBA titles. Pippen, along with Michael Jordan, played an important role in transforming the Bulls into a championship team and for popularizing the NBA around the world during the 1990s.

Considered one of the best small forwards of all time, Pippen was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team eight consecutive times and the All-NBA First Team three times. He was a seven-time NBA All-Star and was the NBA All-Star Game MVP in 1994. He was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History during the 1996–97 season, and is one of four players to have his jersey retired by the Chicago Bulls (the others being Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and Michael Jordan). He played a main role on both the 1992 Chicago Bulls Championship team and the 1996 Chicago Bulls Championship team which were selected as two of the Top 10 Teams in NBA History. His biography on the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame's website states, "The multidimensional Pippen ran the court like a point guard, attacked the boards like a power forward, and swished the nets like a shooting guard.” During his 17-year career, he played 12 seasons with the Bulls, one with the Houston Rockets and four with the Portland Trail Blazers, making the postseason sixteen straight times.

So you're my personal Dalai Lama?... (11.37)

Krakow: This is for you by way of an apology for putting you in an awkward position.

Wendy: Do I really look like I need $5,000 worth of spa treatments?

Krakow: You look like you wouldn't give yourself the gift of peace of mind, so I did.

Wendy: So you're my personal Dalai Lama?

Krakow: I did spend part of last summer in the company of Rinpoche.

Sogyal Rinpoche is a Tibetan Dzogchen lama of the Nyingma tradition. Before his retirement, in the wake of abuse allegations in 2017, he had been teaching for 40 years in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. He is the founder and ex-spiritual director of Rigpa—an international network of over 100 Buddhist centres and groups in 23 countries around the world—and the author of the best-selling book The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, which has been printed in 30 languages and 56 countries. Sogyal Rinpoche has been accused of sexual and physical assault and abuse, as well as misusing charitable funds, with allegations stretching back to the 1970s. Rigpa announced these allegations would be investigated by an outside party and a report has now been published, upholding most of the allegations. Sogyal Rinpoche has not responded to the report but has stated that "I am clear in my own mind that I have never, ever, acted towards anyone with a motive of selfish gain or harmful intent." On a previous occasion, both he and Rigpa denied allegations.

And like Earl Anthony bagging the 7-10 split... (18.02)

Connerty: My colleague Ms. Sacker she's got a very brass-tacks way of looking at this stuff. She doesn't see other factors, that good people can step wrong. I think I know how to help you.

McKayla: But won't she…

Connerty: No. I'm her superior. You give me your cooperation, I will give you my protection.

Chuck: And like Earl Anthony bagging the 7-10 split.

McKayla: You will?

Connerty: I will.


Earl Roderick Anthony (April 27, 1938 – August 14, 2001) was a left-handed American professional bowler who amassed records of 43 titles and six Player of the Year awards on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour. For over two decades, his career title count was listed as 41. The count was amended to 43 in 2008, when the PBA chose to retroactively award PBA titles for ABC Masters championships if won by a PBA member at the time.[1] He is widely credited (along with Dick Weber) for having increased bowling's popularity in the United States. He was the first bowler to earn over $100,000 in a season (1975), and the first to reach $1,000,000 in lifetime PBA earnings (1982). His ten professional major titles—six PBA National Championships, two Firestone Tournament of Champions titles, and two ABC Masters (now USBC Masters) titles—are tied with Pete Weber for the most by any bowler. Never brash or flashy in a crew-cut and plastic-frame "marshwood" style eyewear (which he abandoned for more modern frames later in his career), Anthony was dubbed "Square Earl" by fellow pro bowlers.

A 7–10 split is one of the most infamous of splits is the 7–10 split, often called "goal posts" or "bedposts", where the bowler is left with the leftmost and the rightmost pin in the back row (the number 7 and number 10) to knock down with a single ball to achieve a spare. This is also one of the most difficult splits to pick up.

His flying cocoon... (18.15)

Chuck: If Boyd still feels safe anywhere, it's on his Falcon, his flying cocoon. And we need to be there when he lets down his guard.

The Dassault Falcon is a family of business jets, manufactured by Dassault Aviation. July 2017 saw the 2,500th Falcon delivered – a Falcon 900LX – since the first Falcon 20 was handed over to a customer in 1965. The fleet has accumulated 17.8 million hours of flight time with approximately 1,230 operators in 90 countries and as of July 2017 more than 2,100 Falcons are in service. On 13 December 2017, Dassault abandoned the Silvercrest due to technical and schedule risks, ended the Falcon 5X development and launched a new Falcon with the same cross section, Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and a 5,500 nmi (10,200 km) range for a 2022 introduction. Dassault offers the midsize Falcon 2000S/LXS twinjet, the long-range Falcon 900LX trijet and ultra-long range Falcon 7X/8X trijets.

Need a little swing oil?... (33.12)

Lara: Market's closed. What's so fascinating? 

Wags: She's almost here, the Raya girl.

Lara: Ah. Need a little swing oil?

Wags: You know I do. Give me a, uh, Michter's Celebration.

Bartender: It's $800 a glass.

Wags: One, please.

Lara: He means one bottle.

Raya is an exlusive, high-end dating app.

Michter’s bourbon seems to be very much the favoured tipple at Axe Capital. If it’s an eye wateringly expensive special edition, all the better.