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can we horse trade?... (13.36)

Chuck: Amelia, I know it's a high profile case. But, uh, I'm building something here. So can we horse trade?

D.A: Listening.

Chuck: The Schachetti brothers.

D.A: You gonna give me the Schachetti brothers?

Chuck: You like?

D.A: You propose to trade a high-flying hedge fund manager for a couple of old goombahs throwing elbows over garbage pickups in Queens?

Chuck: Maybe, uh, you don't understand how horse trading works. Uh, you don't open with your, uh...

D.A: You can't offer me your mule for my thoroughbred. You're hoping I'm dumb enough to go for that. So f*ck you and the horse you didn't ride in on.

Bryan: I think maybe she does understand horse trading.


Horse trading, in its literal sense, refers to the buying and selling of horses, also called "horse dealing.” Due to the difficulties in evaluating the merits of a horse offered for sale, the sale of horses offered great opportunities for dishonesty, leading to use of the term horse trading (or horsetrading) to refer to complex bargaining or other transactions, such as political vote trading. It was expected that horse sellers would capitalize on these opportunities and so those who dealt in horses gained a reputation for underhanded business practices.