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Beloit, then Yale, then Okin & Cutler... (26.22)

Chuck: T, what else do you lead on beside the bid rigging thing?

Tonelle: The Scarsdale payroll fraud.

Chuck: Give that to Cook.

Tonelle: Yes, sir.

Chuck: Yale, right?

Tonelle: Beloit, then Yale, then Okin & Cutler.

Chuck: Five years?

Tonelle: Eight. I always wanted to work here, of course, but I had to get set up first.

Chuck: And when you go back, you go back to a senior position.

Tonelle: You're a dot-gov lifer, right?

Chuck: Only the monastery for me. Mm.

What are you clearing my plate for?

Chuck: Patience, T.

Tonelle’s presumably impeccable educational CV.