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As mercurial as Sinatra with a cold... (47.52)

Wags: The guy's as mercurial as Sinatra with a cold. Sooner than later, he's gonna pull his money from Taylor, you know. Then he won't care.

Frank Sinatra, obviously. Thanks to those of you who pointed out that this is a reference to the celebrated magazine piece by Gay Talese, published in Esquire in 1966. As is pointed out here: "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold," ran in April 1966 and became one of the most celebrated magazine stories ever published, a pioneering example of what came to be called New Journalism—a work of rigorously faithful fact enlivened with the kind of vivid storytelling that had previously been reserved for fiction. The piece conjures a deeply rich portrait of one of the era's most guarded figures and tells a larger story about entertainment, celebrity, and America itself.