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Aquarius on a trust fund... (32.10)

Connerty: I got it.

Sacker: Thought you always went dutch.

Connerty: Well, next time, you can pay. Maybe at Lugers after you sign a 7-figure deal to Sullivan Cromwell.

Sacker: What's that mean?

Connerty: You're brilliant. Top of your class, Stanford Law. You're gonna put in your five years, and then you're gonna defect to the other side, start defending the same rich jerkoffs you're locking up now. Not a judgment. Just a truth of our world.

Sacker: Not my world. I am an Aquarius on a trust fund. No, I am riding this job all the way to higher office.

Connerty: Okay, Senator Sacker.

Sacker: That's a first step.

Connerty: To what? Governor? Oh, Madam Secretary, huh? Wait, POTUS?

Sacker: Not confirming. Not denying.

Connerty: Nobody plans that at your age.

Sacker: Nobody who gets there doesn't. What, you think Clinton saved that picture with Kennedy by accident?

Connerty: Okay. Okay, your administration.

Sacker: Way down the road, but modelling it on Roosevelt.

Connerty: FDR.

Sacker: No. Teddy. Um, solid economy policy, progressive. You know, I can forgive his flaws because just like every one of us, he was a product of his time. Plus, he wrote one of my favorite books.

Connerty: Mm. Rough Riders.

Sacker: Mm, that one's fine. I'm talking The Naval War of 1812.

Connerty: Also good.

Sullivan & Cromwell LLP is an international law firm headquartered in New York City. It has gained renown for its business and commercial law practices and its impact on international affairs.

In 1898, as the Spanish-American War was escalating, Theodore Roosevelt assembled an improbable regiment of Ivy Leaguers, cowboys, Native Americans, African-Americans, and Western Territory land speculators. This group of men, which became known as the Rough Riders, trained for four weeks in the Texas desert and then set sail for Cuba. Over the course of the summer, Roosevelt's Rough Riders fought valiantly, and sometimes recklessly, in the Cuban foothills, incurring casualties at a far greater rate than the Spanish.

Roosevelt kept a detailed diary from the time he left Washington until his triumphant return from Cuba later that year. The Rough Riders was published to instant acclaim in 1899. Robust in its style and mesmerizing in its account of battle, it is exhilarating, illuminating, and utterly essential reading for every armchair historian and at-home general. 

The books in the Modern Library War series have been chosen by series editor Caleb Carr according to the significance of their subject matter, their contribution to the field of military history, and their literary merit.

The Naval War of 1812 is Theodore Roosevelt's first book, published in 1882. It covers the naval battles and technology used during the War of 1812. It is considered a seminal work in its field, and had a massive impact on the formation of the modern American Navy.