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It's in my purview… (29.45)

Stephanie Read: The Krakow play, your hostility toward him, what's really animating it? Is it coloring your strategy? Perhaps if you show restraint.

Wags: Restraint? Take a good look at the floor, because you don't know where the fuck you're standing right now.

Stephanie Read: It's in my purview…

Wags: You are here to keep the Visigoths outside of the city walls, not to impugn judgment of the Caesar.

Bobby: No, it's a smart question.

Between about 376 and 382 the Gothic War against the Eastern Roman Empire, and in particular the Battle of Adrianople, is commonly seen as a major turning point in the history of the Roman Empire, the first of a series of events over the next century that would see the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, although its ultimate importance to the Empire's eventual fall is still debated.