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I want a cheesesteak... (7.29)

Chuck: I got it. He's rich. Let's go.

Pete: Rich? Rich is a Marquis Jet card, uh, flying out East on a chopper. This is more like, "Hey, I want a cheesesteak. Send some guy to Philly and bring them back for everyone."

Chuck: Jim's or Shank's

Pete: Both. And Tony Luke's. The fact is, he does not need to call meetings. Everywhere he goes, they form around him. I mean, he's like a Like an aircraft carrier in the center of a strike group. When he turns left, battleships, destroyers, subs, they all turn left with him...


Marquis Jet is now NetJets Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, is an American company that sells part ownership or shares (called fractional ownership) of private business jets. NetJets was founded in 1964 as Executive Jet Aviation. It was the first private business jet charter and aircraft management company in the world.

Jim's, Shank's and Tony Luke's are all well-known brands of Philly Cheesesteak, which is the culinary speciality of Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania.